Argentinean director’s duo formed by Justo Dell Acqua and Ed Braun. Since their childhood, they show a passionate side on cinema and craft arts. Ed has been studying literature and acting as a hobby. Justo, had traveled from all the world since he was very young taking pictures and connecting with particular people from different worlds and cultures. These paths were a useful starting point for their career as a filmmaker, in which they found themselves taking advantage of the different things they learned along the way, in a medium which welcomes interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of the arts. As a consequence, they have an edgy, sensorial and a depth curiosity on the background of their characters, as they use very particular directing resources on set. Starting out with music videos, fashion films, and short film experiments, in 2017 they join Pantera & Company, launching their career as a commercial director. Amongst his clients and brands are Societe Generale, Netflix, Orange, Greenpeace, Cruz Roja, etc. In 2016 they won a Latin Grammy for their work on IKV music video and in 2018 they won a YDA Silver for their work on Ateph Elidja music video. Also, they had 3 Vimeo staff picks on their feed. Since 2020 Wacho is represented in different markets around the globe: Pantera&Co (Arg) / BLUR (Esp) / Eddy (Fra) / Akkurat (Deu).


Ateph Elidja — Burn October
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During the first half of the 20th Century, thousands of immigrants from Eastern Europe came to Argentina escaping from several wars. These groups of people settled throughout different parts of the country, creating their own ethnic colonies.

This is the story of one of these polish descendants in Misiones, Argentina.

‘Burn October’ takes us through the story of a man who’s dealing with grief the loss of his son. A journey of a man turning into madness and falling apart through the jungle, memories and dark visions


Production Company:  Pantera & Co & Noside (France)
Executive producers: Morgan Prêleur, Rémi Sello, Manu Aguer y Brian Kazez
Dop: Adolpho Veloso
AD: Anabel Leandro
Line Producer: Alberto Ortiz Basualdo
Label commissioner: Pierre Durand
Art Director: Valentina Luppino
Costume Design: Ivi González
Make Up & Hair: Lucrecia Fontana
Casting: Laura Andino
Focus Puller: Diego Mendizabal
2nd Assistant : Francisco Rosso
Gaffer: Juan Pablo Causse
Prop Manager: Lucas Amado
2nd AD: Lucia Lalor
P.A: Heidi Giel
Grading House; BLEACH Sao Paulo
Film Sound Design: Manuel De Andres (Papamusic)
Trailer Sound Design: Mateo Yaya (IXYXI)

Peermusic France / ARMA

Special thanks to Papamusic, Gandhi Equipos, Ben Battersby, Tomas Belardo, Daniel Perez and El Soberbio town for all your help and support