PANTERA are three Argentinian directors: Brian Kazez, Pato Martinez and Francisco Canton. Their work has been awarded in different festivals such as the Cannes Lions (Craft), Young Director Award, OneShow. Selected and featured in platforms such as It’s Nice That, Nowness, Vimeo. From the heart of this company, these beloved directors have been working as a collective facing each decision, side by side, in every project. They have a passionate and edgy dynamic as they are deeply sensitive persons in different ways so the curiosity and search on each project come from diverse sides and understandings. This curiosity has been building and improving an explorer and adventure spirit in all of them, following dream projects to remote places as Jamaica, Morroco, India, Mozambique and Cote d'Ivoire. They have a constant empathy with the reality that brings to their work a pure visual language which takes care of each frame with emotion and rawness. Over the past three years, they’ve worked with global clients as Volvo, Corona, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Booking, Adidas, Reebok, MTV, Rolling Stone, Converse, Valvoline, Smart, to name a few. AWARDS & MENTIONS: 2017 - BRONZE - Cannes Lions for Film Craft - Mami Wata - Woza 2017 - GOLD - Patagonia Film Festival for Best Cinematography - Mami Wata - Woza 2017 - STAFF PICK of the month - Vimeo - Mami Wata - Woza 2018 - Nominated for Best Dance Video - UKMVA - Tshegue - Muananpoto 2018 - Nominated for Best Cinematography - UKMVA - Tshegue - Muananpoto 2018 - International Revelation - MVF Awards (Jury Choice) - Tshegue - Muananpoto 2019 - BRONZE - Strategies GrandPrix for Interet Generale category - Sécurité Routière 2019 - Nominated for Music Video Direction & Cinematography - D&AD Awards - Tshegue - Muananpoto


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