Hernan Kacew is a film director and visual artist. Since a very young age, he began his studies in cinema and at the same time has already started working on set. He performed all kinds of tasks that allowed him to learn to team up and observe the operation from the inside. He is interested in thinking about work processes as part of the work, generating a constant round trip with his teammates. Find his main references and sources of inspiration in other practices such as dance, theater, art installations, and visual arts. He is currently working as a director and conducting artistic projects. In his last two music videos, he made complete one-shot sequences thinking not only of the casting choreography but also devising the movements of people on set. In this way, he manages to have control of the whole set and think ahead and behind the camera in the same way as part of the project.


Catriel & Paco Amoroso — Mi Sombra