Born in Malmö in the late 80s, Swedish director Axel Byrfors started off writing and directing short films during his college education which later paved the way to studies at the National Film School (Dramatiska Institutet) in Stockholm. Since 2009 he’s been partly based in Buenos Aires but is operative worldwide. Although Axel had early screenwriting ambitions, he started his professional career directing fashion films and is now a multitasking director working with commercials, content, and fiction. Apart from work and while cooking up his first feature film, he dedicates most of his free time to private studying and fanatic routines. To sum it up Axel can get anxious without a doses of two films per day. Axels style as a director is diverse and he tends to treat each project with genuineness. He thinks the elements of good directing are boundless and believes in an adaptive way of approaching each project. Having that said, his favorites are edgy scripts with a lot of storytelling and he also has a thing for the obscure. He has directed campaigns for big brands such as Coca Cola, BMW, Mitsubishi, Shell, Philips, Canon, Samsung, Skoda and Fiat, to name a few.


ALOE — Montañas Aquietadas
Detailed Information

This video gathers a series of scenes and images conceived in a collective creative process in pursuit of the loss of control.

The song is trigger by introspection, and the video wants to revision this through not methodic, personal and yet scientific elements. 

The colorful images presented throughout the video, for example, have been analogically generated recording photoelasticity and non-newtonian fluids.