Born in Buenos Aires in 1993, Carmen Rivoira and Josefina Alen share a view of the world. Carmen with a background in art direction and experimental film. Josefina focused on the world of visual arts as a painter, both have a strong interest in the film. As directors, they find in the audiovisual a lively and fertile mode of expression that they decide transit together since 2017. Their mutual collaboration led them to carry out two short films "Coronados" and "Mientras las Olas" which participated in important festivals such as the Berlinale and the International Film Festival of Mar del Plata in which they were awarded the prize for Best Argentine Short Film. Currently, they continue working together as a duo in the production company Pantera&Company deepened and investigated new formats.

Rivoira Alen

Teaser #2 — CORONADOS
Detailed Information

CORONADOS (2017) Argentina. Created by SANDRA
Shortfilm 16′ min

CROWNED follows the scene of bodybuilding in Argentina. From three competitions (Copa Rocky, Formosa Classic and Copa Independencia) in different cities. The athletes occupy this space in a state of constant waiting. The spray-tanned bodies behind the stage prepare to compete. The judges meet them on the other side, and so does the audience. Music frames the scene. Paint. Choreography. Photo. Prize. Aiming to be objective, it portrays different situations inside this very particular universe.

Mar del Plata Internacional Film Festival (32o)
Programmer’s Favorite Pize. Bushwick Film Festival (11o)
Honorific Mention in FNA (National Art Found Argentina) Audiovisual Arts Conquest
Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse (31o)
Festival La Mujer y el Cine
Festifreak: International Film Festival of Independent Cinema La Plata (14o)
Mecal Pro 2019, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival (21o)
Best Short Film in FICIC (9o).
CINE.AR Prize in FICIC (9o)

Directed by: Josefina Alen / Abril Lucini
Produced by: Florencia Bianco / Delfina Gavaldá
Director of photography: Wilson Chang / Carmen Rivoira
Camera operators: Carmen Rivoira / Josefina Alen / Abril Lucini
Sound design: Wilson Chang / Abril Lucini / Josefina Alen
Location sound recording: Wilson Chang / German Oriana / Delfina Gavaldá
Audio Post Production: Wilson Chang
Foley: Ezequiel Tarica / Federico Papp
Editing: Abril Lucini / Josefina Alen
Colour Correction: Daniel Carrizo
Post-production: Daniel Carrizo / Pablo Betas
Credits design: Marina Glikman
Translation and subtitling: Ines Mena Saravia