Supernova is the name of the work of Argentinian directors and photographers Matias G Petric & Ignacio Ricci. Is the spirit that defines them. An explosion of energy in order to get the idea they want. They are passionate dedicated hard workers who feel instantaneous empathy for every project they are after. You feel the heart on the image and sound of each film they made. It’s the reason why they are advocates in wrapping themselves in these worlds to nourish their vision and give their films their own identity.

They have vast experience instills big campaigns as they have been working for global clients for Coke, Converse, Levis, and L’Oreal.

CONVERSE / 2018 / Global
LEVI’S / 2018 / Latin America
L’OREAL / 2019 / France
Editorial / 2017/2019 / Global
L’OFFICIEL / 2017/2018/2019 / Global
COKE I Carma / 2017 / Global
COKE I Football / 2017 / North America