DROPBOX & It´s Nice That · 2018

The Dream Team, a partnership between It’s Nice That and Dropbox Paper, that sees us curating a group of creatives from alternate disciplines tasked with producing one cohesive outcome. The process, initiated by team captain and multidisciplinary creative Max Siedentopf, was a relay race of creative working. The team’s rhyming words, (snake, lake, awake, cake, drake, rake, shake) have been passed between photographer JP Bonino, poet Anna Haifisch and finally web developer Rifke Sadleir to create an interactive website to display the work.

Encouraging a strangeness in the photographs is one of the main reasons Max wanted to work with JP in the first place. Primarily a fashion photographer, JP Bonino’s work is like no one else’s in the field; full of character, frequent oddities, and humor. “Most fashion photography is just beautiful but it lacks an idea,” explains Max when discussing his fondness for JP’s creative eye. “If you put an idea into it, then it becomes something else.” Max also admits that some of his outlandish ideas were to push the photographer even further, “sometimes with JP I just wanted to see if he would actually do it,” he laughs in hindsight. 

The combined brilliant absurdity of Max and JP resulted in five ideas that would be difficult to dream up. The first concept was a man wearing a snake as a belt, then the classic scene of someone standing on a rake and it hitting him in the face. The next few ideas that followed included a man in speedos standing on the surface of a lake as if he were Jesus, a person holding his eyes open with a pair of matches, two men shaking hands but one man’s arm is three meters long, and a portrait of Drake’s face painted on the back of a bald man’s head.