MYANMAR I Book #1 · 2017

MYANMAR: Photography Book
Shot & Created by JP Bonino
Editorial: Pantera & Company

“Myanmar’s project was born without seeking it. I made a trip to Asia and I found a country that was closed to tourism for many years and many people who had never seen foreign. I do not know if this is related to the human quality of these people, but their innocence and simplicity, in addition, that for them we were completely extraterrestrial, made me delve into their lives and spend almost a month meeting them and taking photos. When I returned to Buenos Aires I found that I had a lot of photos that I loved and I had the idea of making my first book. Regarding the 35mm format, it is basically because I had two very small cameras, a Leica and a Fuji, and I could transport them anywhere, but honestly, I am not very interested if the format is analog or a Blackberry.”